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We can integrate multi-channel communication in your projects on various platforms. Integration via wifi or cellular network to the cloud, connection to mobile devices using BLE and SUB-1GHhz communication for long-range and ultra-low-energy devices. We have experience in developing cloud software for information storage and analysis to give your product the emphasis that your customers and investors are looking for.

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Our mission is to answer engineering challenges and bring your idea to life, to its destination and beyond


Medical device
Turning ideas or prototypes into a feasible and producible medical product, which meets regulatory requirements per target markets while making sure it is adequately protected by patents. A full & complete process from development to product manufacturing in line with regulatory requirements.
Clean tech
Along with the growing environmental awareness, Neat has participated in various developments of green products aiming to reduce negative environmental impacts through significant energy efficiency improvements, sustainable use of resources, and environmental protection technologies. Following the environmental vision, we aim to reduce the use of natural resources and cut or eliminate emissions and wastes, we applied a broad range of technologies related to materials engineering and recycling, renewable energy, electric motors solutions, and carbon print saving tools.
R&D of Robotic Systems and Robotic Technologies. requires a number of interdisciplinary areas such as Electronics engineering, computer science, programming, and in particular software engineering, mechanical engineering, and manufacturing engineering, Neat advantage over the market is the vast years of experience and the experienced team in all sectors of science and engineering. Today, some of our development contents of computer programming and algorithms, a remotely controlled manipulator, actuators, control systems, processing and perception modules, real-time sensors, and elements of automation.


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